Do You Have a Default Judgment Against You?

The tightening of lending criteria and changes to the credit reporting system within Australia have made it vitally important to increase your credit score and to keep your Credit Right.

With over 40 years combined credit, debt and legal experience, Credit Right (in association with EC Legal) aims to effectively negotiate positive outcomes for its clients by restoring or improving their credit bureau profiles.

Credit Right Helps People Like You Recover

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Credit Right can help with:


  • Investigating the methods used by creditors to list the default or judgment
  • Liaising with your creditors to negotiate settlements on your behalf
  • Negotiating by consent and/or making applications for the negative information to be removed


  • Obtain a copy of your report for review
  • Reporting to you with advice on how to improve your credit file


Credit Right uses a simple five step process:

Consultation:  reviewing your situation and assessing your goals

Communication: making contact with the creditors involved and obtaining further information about the matter

Consideration: investigating the legal and compliance steps taken by the creditor when listing the default

Court Application / Consent orders:  making an application to escalate review of the matter, or making arrangements by mutual consent (subject to the outcome of the investigation)

CreditRight: receiving confirmation from the credit bureau that the default has been removed, or supplying the bureau with an order of the court confirming the default has been set aside.

We report to our clients each time their matter is updated and we are available at all times to answer any queries for true peace of mind.


Your credit report is a summary of your personal and financial details held and maintained by credit bureaus and used by credit providers to assist them in making a decision on your credit worthiness when you apply for finance and throughout your financial relationship with a credit provider.
These are typically overdue accounts or debt recovery matters which have reached Court as a result of a failure to comply with financial arrangements or obligations.
Overdue accounts, defaults and default judgments can form part of your credit history from between 5 to 12 years.

A single negative entry on your credit history can have a substantial effect on your ability to obtain and maintain finance and may cause a combination of:

  • Applications for finance or trade accounts being declined
  • Cancellation or a review of financing you currently have in place (e.g. cancellation of credit cards, loans and overdrafts or a reduction of credit limits on those accounts)
  • Impacting your ability to trade if you are self-employed
Any negative listings on your credit bureau that are considered disputable, contestable, unfair and do not comply with the Privacy Act can be removed. CreditRight thoroughly investigates the basis for each negative listing and negotiates for their removal of they are found to be uncompliant.

Bear in mind that payment of the amount claimed under a default or judgment alone will not automatically restore your credit.

If you find yourself victim to an overdue account, default or default judgment, CreditRight recommends that you do not apply for any further finance and contact us immediately to assist you in resolving the matter.
Once CreditRight has received a signed authority, some clients have had their credit restored in under 30 days.

The variables leading to any delays can include the time taken for the other party to provide materials and documentation from the other party as well as the time it may take the Court (where applicable) to consider any applications we may file on your behalf.

In the same way that doctors cannot guarantee a medical prognosis and lawyers cannot guarantee a legal outcome, any credit reporting agencies guaranteeing successful outcomes in all cases are simply untruthful.

Instead, CreditRight guarantees to apply the 80 years of combined credit, debt and legal experience toward negotiating the best outcome for its clients.

Each matter is different as are the costs involved with factors such as the nature and number of listings impacting the price.

We recommend you get in touch for a no-obligation appraisal to help make your CreditRight.

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